The Cost Comparison of Remaining in the Home vs. Moving to the Bethany Pointe Villas

Friday edition of our Community Connections Show has Christy Mudd on to talk about the cost comparison for our senior loved ones of remaining in their home versus making the move to her Bethany Pointe Villas. [kad_youtube url=”″ ]  

Transitioning our Senior Loved Ones to the Bethany Pointe Villas

Christy Mudd joins our Community Connections Show to talk about helping to transition our senior loved ones from a home they may have lived most of their life in to the Bethany Pointe Villas when ready. Community Connections; Bridging People, Care & Possibilities. [kad_youtube url=”” ]  

Activities at the Bethany Pointe Villas

Christy Mudd, the Community Lifestyle Director of the Bethany Pointe Villas appears on the Community Connections Show to talk about all the activities our senior loved ones could take part in if they chose to live there in video #2 on this week’s Community Connections Show. “Bridging People, Care & Possibilities.” [kad_youtube url=”” ]  

Why Choose the Bethany Pointe Villas?

Christy Mudd from the Bethany Villas sat down with our Jeremy Adams on the Community Connections Show to talk about why our senior loved ones should consider moving to the Bethany Villas. [kad_youtube url=”″ ]  

FREE Senior Movie Monday March 2nd

FREE SENIOR MOVIE Monday March 2nd SHOWING: Mercy Rule (Staring Kirk Cameron) SHOW TIME: 10a (doors open at 9:30a) You Tube link to the official movie trailer: * FREE refreshments to the 1st 100 people in attendance. * Snack bar will be open as well <> Brought to you by: At Home Specialized Senior Care […]

New Resource Available for Central Indiana Area Seniors in Senior Care and Transitions

  The need for educated professionals able to cater to the unique health, social and financial needs of seniors grows as the Baby Boomers reach retirement age, and improvements in healthcare allow people to live longer. Certified Senior Advisors have received a unique education and training that compliments their professional skills to better serve the […]

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