What is Caregivers Kitchen?

Chef Beth Scholer is teaching culinary skills to caregivers and in turn is making the homecare experience even better for families looking to help keep their senior loved ones aging in place. On this segment of the Community Connections Show Chef Beth introduces Caregivers Kitchen and shares how to sign up for an upcoming training.

How Does Caregivers Kitchen Help Home Care Companies?

Whether you are the family of a senior loved one receiving care in their home or that actual comapny sending caregivers in to help seniors age in place, complaints about meal preparation or lack of basic kitchen skills probably aren’t completely foreign to you.
Chef Beth Scholer tells us how Caregivers Kitchen is the answer to this problem on this segment of the Community Connections Show. Educating caregivers on things like nutrition, meal preparation, kitchen sanitation and much more Chef Beth is helping to make the home care experience even more comfortable for our senior loved ones who want to remain in their homes hanging on to as much of their independence as possible for as long as possble.

What is a Typical Caregivers Kitchen Class Session Like?

If a company sends their caregivers through Chef Beth Scholers Caregivers Kitchen training programs what will a typical calls session be like for them? Chef Beth fills us in on this segment of the Community Connections Show.

How did Caregivers Kitchen get Started?

Caregivers Kitchen isn’t an ordinary kitchen skills training program. Chef Beth Scholer has an incredible background that she has used every bit of to create this culinary skills program aimed to better prepare caregivers of home care companies.
Check out this segment of the Community Connections Show to find out more about just how Caregivers Kitchen came together.

How are the Caregivers that Take the Caregivers Kitchen Training Program Recognized?

Chef Beth Scholer of Caregivers Kitchen is making the homecare experience better one caregiver at a time. Caregivers that successfully complete her Culinary Skills for Caregivers program receive the appropriate recognition letting families know their senior loved ones will no longer be disappointed with the home care services related to meal preparation.
Chef Beth talks about the recognition process on this segment of the Community Connections Show.

For more information about Caregivers Kitchen visit www.caregiverskitchen.net .
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