Guardian Medical Monitoring supports seniors in maintaining an independent, healthy and active lifestyle. Account Executive Barb Doss shares on this segment of the Community Connections show just how a Personal Emergency Response System aids in that mission. For more Community Connections videos subscribe to our You Tube channel and/or like our Facebook page.

* 1 out of every 3 older adults (65 years old and older) will experience a fall this year.

* Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries among those 65 years old and older.

* Those 75 years old and older are 4-5 times more likely to be admitted to a long term care facility after a fall than those between the ages of 65-74 years old.

Installing a Personal Emergency Response System with Guardian Medical Monitoring provides families the peace of mind of knowing help can be on the way almost immediately should one of our senior loved ones experience a fall that leaves them unable to get back up on their feet. It also provides our senior loved ones with a person to talk to all the way up until help arrives, removing the sense that they are all alone and helpless until responders arive. Not every medical monitoring company offers that added piece of comfort in a time that none of want to think about.

Should one of our senior loved ones experience a fall it is going to be important to us all that they get the medical attention they need as quickly as possible. A Personal Emergency Response System is the key to making sure they get just that. And while the severity of the fall will determine the next steps of care; it is safe to say that the sooner help arives the better the chances more extensive care outside of the comfort of home could be avoided versus the same fall occuring without a Personal Emergency Response System in place getting help in the picture quickly.

Be sure to watch the video above to learn more about how you can get the peace of mind in place; knowing your senior loved ones always have help within a push of a button away.

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