Deciding on the right Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) can be difficult with so many options. Barb Doss, Account Executive with Guardian Medical Monitoring talks about what to look for and what to avoid when making that selection. For more Community Connections videos subscribe to our You Tube chennel and/or like our Facebook page.

Did you know the peace of mind of knowing our senior loved ones could have help on the way immediately with the push of a button or even the electronic detection of a fall could be an easy and very affordable purchase? That peace of mind could be as inexpensive as $1 a day, and we all would agree the safety of our senior loved ones is worth far more to us than a $1 a day.
That piece of mind alone makes the cost associated with a Personal Emergency Response System more than worth it, but with Guardian Medical Monitoring you get all that along with a “LIVE” voice on the other end that is going to stay in communication with our senior loved ones until help arrives. That piece is priceless when you consider how terrifying it can be for our loved ones in those times.
Just as important as it is to make sure you get a Personal Emergency Response System in place that includes the above points is avoiding a few unnecessary elements with the wrong selections.
Do NOT settle for purchasing the equipment yourself, you do NOT have to take on costly purchases associated with Emergency Response Systems. You also want to avoid costly set up fees. While it is completely understandable to pay anywhere from $20-$40 to get things installed and set-up; do NOT fall for companies that get you with insanely high set up fees. Know what you are getting in to and ask for very detailed information about what it will cost.
Be sure to watch the short video above to learn more about the effectiveness of a Personal Emergency Response System.

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