Let’s face it trying to decide when to start services and/or when to install equipment to help our senior loved ones hold on to as much of their independence as possible for as long as possible is a very real dilema. One thing is for sure though none of us want to wait until it is too late. Barb Doss, Account Executive with Guardian Medical Monitoring discusses on the Community Connections Show a little bit about identifying the right time to bring in a Personal Emergency Response System to help keep our loved ones safe.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2013 2.5 million nonfatal falls among older adults were treated in emergency departments and more than 734,000 of those patients were admitted to the hospital.

Falls are the most common cause of TBI, traumatic brain injuries. About half of fatal falls are a due to TBI. Most fractures among older adults are caused by falls. The most common are fractures of the spine, hip, forearm, leg, ankle, pelvis, upper arm and hand.

While the above statistics from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention are alarming enough in themselves, a reality to take away from them is that once a senior loved one experiences a fall he or she may very well develop a fear of falling again. That concern can often times cause them to alter their activities of daily living to the point where they just aren’t as mobile, aren’t getting any form of physical fitness and in turn increase their risk of actually experiencing another fall.

A Personal Emergency Response System can help eliminate that fear, help keep our senior loved ones active & independent longer which in turn helps reduce the risk of experiencing another or even an initial fall.

Be sure to check out the above video with Barb Doss to find out more and to learn how to get a set-up and install scheduled for one of your loved ones.

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